Thursday am/Friday pm Hour 1
The welcome to the new UK studio and final goodbye to Canada sequence with the all Canadian hour:
Dee Long-The Meaning Of Life
Sweeney Todd with Bryan Adams-If Wishes Were Horses
The Flashing Lights-Since They Were Crowned/Friends You Learn To Hate
Neil Young-Cinnamon Girl
Geoff Gibbons-Gasoline Shoes
Joni Mitchell-Shadows And Light
The Trews-Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me
William Shatner-Common People/Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Leonard Cohen-First We'll Take Manhattan
Klaatu-I Can't Help It
Dee Long-Outside

Thursday am/Friday pm
Hour 2
Duran Duran-Sinner Or Saint
Manfred Mann Chapter III-Poor Sad Sue
Death In Vegas-Dirge
Martyn Bennett-Alehouse
Calexico-Crystal Frontier
Richard Pinhas-The Fabulous Story Of Tigroo and Leloo 
from Cuneiform
Jerney Kaagman-My Mystery Man
Bridget St John-Ask Me No Questions
Led Zeppelin-That's The Way
LB (Lassigue Bandhaus)-Superbad

Thursday am/Friday pm Hour 3
Seagull Seaquence: The Alternative Sounds Of The Sixties & Seventies
Yes-No Opportunity Necessary No Experience Needed
Affinity-Night Flight
Cynthia Lennon-Those Were The Days
The Knack-Your Number Or Your Name
Cosmic Sounds-Aquarius

Gong-Gladstoned Buried... Fresh Fest In My Memory
Cosmic Sounds-Gemini
Paul And Barry Ryan-Pictures Of Today
Andrew Bown-Tarot
PJ Proby-Mery Hoppkins Never Had Days Like These
White Noise-Black Mass (Electric Storm In Hell)

Saturday Hour 1
Quintessence-High On Mount Kailash/Burning Bush/Shiva's Chant
Steve Hillage-Om Nama Shivaya
Corner Shop-The London Radar
Jeff Beck-Plynth (Water Down The Drain)
Supersister-Present From Nancy
Sundown Playboys-Valse De Soleil Coucher
New Order-Touched By The Hand Of God
Primal Scream-Some Velvet Morning
Poets Of Rhythm-Discern And Concern
Bluehorses-Black Is The Colour

Saturday Hour 2
Senor Coconut-Trans Europe Express
Muse-Butterflies And Hurricanes
Robert Plant-Life Begins Again
Celtus-What Goes Around
The Dears-This Is A Broadcast
Zero 7-Futures
Goldfrapp-Crystalline Green
Thomas Dolby-I Scare Myself
The Syn-Grounded/Time And A Word

Saturday Hour 3
The Syn-Time And A Word
Wonderous Tribute To Yes, Nikki Squire-Long Distance Runaround

Seagull Seaquence: The Alternative Sounds Of The Sixties & Seventies
Yes-Astral Traveller
Shocking Blue-Shocking You/Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
Nice-One Of Those People
Supersister-A Girl Named You
Jackson Heights-Chorale/Catch A Thief
Svensk-Dream Magazine
Syd Barrett-No Good Trying
Tractor-All Ends Up


Interested in the Mellotron? Want to check whether any of the songs played feature a Mellotron? Visit:     

The Ultimate Recordings List (probably)

Instrumental backgrounds: Henry Purcell-Ground
and Bama Winds interpretation of Traffic's "The Dealer"

Head Like A Hole

To Those Who Love...                                                                                                                 Time Is Eternity...

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