week ending 16th June 2007

Thursday am/Friday pm Hour 1
Greatest Show On Earth-Again and Again
Far Corner-Not From Around Here 
from Cuneiform
Jody Grind-not Plastic Shit from Far Canal
Ed Harcourt-Behind The Heart Of Darkness
Blood Sweat & Tears-40,000 Headmen
Jody Grind-Plastic Shit
Nine Inch Nails-Head Like A Hole
John Lydon/Leftfield-Sun
Geronimo aircheck-Morbid Country Novelties Inc.
Great Awakening-Amazing Grace

Thursday am/Friday pm
Hour 2
Roger Ruskin Spear-I'm A Fly
Its A Beautiful Day-Don and Dewey
The Flock-So Tired Of Waiting
Curved Air-Piece Of Mind
Mothers Of Invention-A Little House I Used To Live In
Nick Drake-Way To Blue
Blind Faith-Sea Of Joy
Panama Limited-Lady Of Shallot
Loretta Lynn-High On A Mountain Top
Daddy Longlegs-High Again

Thursday am/Friday pm Hour 3
Seagull Seaquence: The Alternative Sounds Of The Sixties & Seventies
Daddy Longlegs-High Again
Purple Gang-Granny Takes A Trip
Hugh Hopper-Hopper Tunity Box 
from Cuneiform
Soft Machine-Outbloodyrageous
Jefferson Airplane-Have You Seen The Saucers
Black Velvet-African Velvet
Johnnie Young-Craize Finton Kirk
Episode Six-Mozart Versus The Rest
Robert Wyatt-Ship Building
The Kytes-Running In The Water
T.Rex-It's A Rip Off
Wynder K Frog-I'm A Man
Wildman Fischer-Merry Go Round
Fleetwood Mac-Woman Of A Thousand Years
John Trevor-Sky Dance
Bridget St John-Ask Me No Questions
Wildman Fischer-Monkeys Versus Donkeys

Saturday Hour 1
Depeche Mode-Somebody
Captain Beefheart-I'm Gonna Booglarise You Baby
Fast 'n' Bulbous-Pachuco Cadaver
Captain Beefheart-Beatle Bones and Smokin' Stones
Beatles-Strawberry Fields Forever
Rolling Stones-Let It Bleed
Brute Force-King Of Fuh
Procol Harum-Piggy Pig Pig
Tir Na Nog-The Lady I Love
Incredible String Band-First Girl I Loved
Bex Marshall-Just Drive
Audio Bullies-We Don't Care

Saturday Hour 2
Dol Ammad-Descent
Aphrodites Child-Seven Trumpets/Altamont/Wedding Of The Lamb/Capture Of The Beast/∞
Dol Ammad-Lava
Litmus-Infinity Drive/Dreams Of Space/You Are Here
Clash-Radio Clash
Gong-Radio Gnome Invisible

Saturday Hour 3
Richard Pinhas-Double Face Of Metatron
I Monster-Everyone's A loser
King Crimson-Indoor Games/Happy Family
Captain Beefheart-Observatory Crest
Traffic-Dear Mr Fantasy
Who-Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
Ferris Wheel-Little Indian
Manfred Mann Chapter III-Happy Being Me

Interested in the Mellotron? Want to check whether any of the songs played feature a Mellotron? Visit:     

The Ultimate Recordings List (probably)

Instrumental backgrounds: Henry Purcell-Ground
and Bama Winds interpretation of Traffic's "The Dealer"

Head Like A Hole

To Those Who Love...                                                                                                                 Time Is Eternity...

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