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Chris B can now be heard on Radio Seagull two days every week (for 12 hours). On Friday and Saturday at midnight and midday UK time we head Toward The Unknown Region with an eclectic mix of recent releases and those tunes that may have escaped your attention. Electronica, Psychedelia, Folk, Prog, World... and, when the time vortex is open, we trip back to those Alternative Sounds of the 60's and the 70's

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on Radio Seagull online
3 hours from 12 noon (UK time) Friday
repeated midnight (UK time) Friday into Saturday morning
...and on the Netherlands DAB+ Network, Coat & county DAB North Yorkshire & 747, 1395, 1485 & 1602Khz AM



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Waxed Oop by Fast n Bulbous

Sure 'nuff and yes I do?

I can say no more than... please read the following taken from :-

"Captain Beefheart's music is the quintessential 'outsider art music' of the second half of the 20th century. Despite the fact that he retired from music over 25 years ago, his music resonates more strongly than ever as an influence on contemporary music. Fast 'n' Bulbous offer a unique slant on the songbook of one of contemporary music's most idiosyncratic musical figures. The band features seven great, well-regarded musicians drawn from the rock and the jazz worlds: co-leaders guitarist Gary Lucas (who was in the final incarnation of Beefheart's Magic Band) and saxist/arranger Phillip Johnston (of the Microscopic Septet) as well as drummer Richard Dworkin, and baritone saxist Dave Sewelson (both also of the Micros), trombonist Joe Fieldler (Ed Palermo Big Band and Satoko Fujii's big band), bassist Jesse Krakow (of Time of Orchids and Doctor Nerve) and trumpeter Rob Heinke (also of Doctor Nerve). With a strong, creative line-up like this, you know that you will be getting something more than just a 'cover band' and you indeed are. Heartfelt, exciting and it both rocks and swings!\

As with their first album Fast 'n' Bulbous take on a fascinating selection of songs from the Beefheart songbook covering albums from Safe As Milk through to Ice Cream For Crow.
The familiar tunes are redefined for a brass section and Don's voice is echoed by horns as the band grapple with the mysteries of the Beefheart rhythm and add their own compelling improvised embellishments taking the songs to a new place. And it's all done with an obvious love of the music and a sense of fun." –

"...a perfect fit for hungry Beefheart fans the world over...Fast 'n' Bulbous have painstakingly retooled the Captain's best-known works as big-band instrumental compositions. The results are fairly staggering...this collection is a masterful reinterpretation of rock's Grand Surrealist's best work. Brilliant!" – The Big Takeover

Your host...
Chris B.

Let's head Toward The Unknown Region - where pretentiousness and pomposity know no bounds...
Your host...
Chris Bent
at Radio
Monte Carlo
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Let's head Toward The Unknown Region - where pretentiousness and pomposity know no bounds...







Album of the Year 2008
There is an awful lot of good new music around so I hesitate to suggest that album of the year for 2008 is a collection of rare recordings from Albert Ayler, who actually died in November 1970. This 10CD  limited edition deluxe box set with book and goodies was issued in 2004 and it took until December 2008 for the Unknown Region to obtain a copy. Albert Ayler Box Set - Holy Ghost - grab it while it's still available. Of course, the album of the year could just be the Fast Camels with their Magic Optician CD.

OK, this is Album of the Year 2008:
The Lovers "Pardon My French"
Featured extensively in the
25 Jan 2009 show

On Planet Earth the Album of the Year for 2007 could well be Robert Plant and Alison Krauss with their collaboration on Raising Sand. In another universe, as we head Toward The Unknown Region, it would undoubtedly be The Songs Of Albert Ayler performed by a collective of musicians known as Healing Force.
Cuneiform Records give us the hard sell, "Seven major figures from the art-punk, free-jazz, brutal prog, improvisational and modern jazz world come together for a ROCKING tribute to the unfairly ignored, misunderstood and vilified late period works of Albert Ayler."

Producer and guitarist for Healing Force, Henry Kaiser, writes: “Albert Ayler's later works (Love Cry, New Grass and Music is the Healing Force of the Universe) seem to be generally reviled. Through meditations, dreams, and visions, the players on this project were given the message to once again attempt to send the people of earth a message of love, peace, and spiritual understanding. We selected a representative set of tunes for this material and essentially let it play itself through us. We hope you will be as surprised as we still are by the results of this invocational experiment. We hope you will like this record.”

Listen to:  Healing Force - Love Of Life

Trevor Midgley a.k.a. Beau a.k.a. John Trevor is custodian of the Dandelion Records archive
Click here to visit the website...

and watch his 1972 video with Tractor

Zappa-  big band style with Ed Palermo - Album of the year 2006? Visit Cuneiform Records

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood Of Breath

 have a couple of albums available on Cuneiform Records:

Click on the above pix to hear sample tracks
Toward The Unknown Region, courtesy of the Geronimo archives, has exclusive access to the Chris McGregor Memorial Concert recorded at the 100 Club, London, on Mon 30th July 1990.

Also on Cuneiform, the amazing FAST 'N' BULBOUS

Aficionados of Captain Beefheart will instantly recognise Fast 'n' Bulbous as a phrase uttered on the Trout Mask Replica album. Guitarist Gary Lucas, Magic Band member in the latter Beefheart musical years, has gathered together a fine set of musicians, including jazz saxophonist and improviser Philip Johnson, and presents us with 'big band' versions of classic Don Van Vliet hits from the past. The horn section replaces Uncle Don's inimitable vocals... Listen out for their superb renditions of 'When Big Joan Sets Up' and 'Kandy Korn'. Meanwhile, click on the CD cover to hear a sample from this album>>>>>>>>>>>

2CD compilation from Klaatu - alternate takes, demos and unheard symphonic mixes.
Check into Bullseye Records        More info at

Dee Long (ex Klaatu) - OUTSIDE - WATCH THIS VIDEO

Electronic Erotica with guest appearances from Brian Molko, John Cale, Jean-Louis Murat, Cozette, Alison Shaw and Lian. Initially a France only release, this sensual collection from Trash Palace received a brief UK release in 2004 and has subsequently been withdrawn. Catch it if you can.

Moving sideways to Electronic Exotica, in the great tradition of duos such as Sparks and Erasure, imagine the original 60's Nirvana picking up White Noise and crashing headlong into Soft Cell...
Neveroddoreven from
I Monster is a great collection of songs.


Check out these I Monster quicktime promo vids:
HEY MRS Broadband
HEY MRS Dial up
WHO IS SHE Broadband
WHO IS SHE Dial up

I Monster say "I Am Prog... and love 70's prog rock, hammond organs and mellotrons"
Check out this interview

Jem Griffiths from Wales is finally tasting the fruits of her thoughtful sampling and downright excellent composing skills.
Check out the original withdrawn video for 'They'
See also this video of Jem's performance at KCRW, Santa Monica
Toward The Unknown Region will be continuing to feature Celtus and Karnataka

Let's not forget our friends, the Radio Caroline band in Baltimore, Maryland. It is they who have kindly recorded the Chris B jingles that can be heard at the start of each hour

The announcements you hear in the programmes are voiced by
Amy Bargeron

Talis Kimberley who, with Rika Koerte, sang her heart out for three hours from midnight
in an earlier programme. Recently Talis again performed live on air for us with 'Divine Strumpet'. Click on 'GALLERY' button for pix.
<Talis     MM chapter III>
Going back in time, the playing of tracks from Manfred Mann Chapter III (just two albums released in 1969 & 1970) has provoked a significant amount of interest. I'm pleased to report that these are now available on CD with bonus tracks. Well worth buying at just £9.77 + VAT from  where you'll need to click on the Earthband links to find these elusive Chapter III albums.

Click here to find out about the Downs Syndrome charity album - The Sky Goes All The Way Home
in an old (deconsecrated) Police station..

Check out
where many of the tracks played in 1970 on Geronimo can be found

NEW The legendary weekday lunchtimes in 1993 when JOHN PEEL  covered for Jakki Brambles on BBC radio 1...

Here's something that may have escaped your attention: Michael Nesmith with a collection of videos, based mainly around the album 'Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma' but also including the celebrated 'Rio'.

Click here, or on DVD case, to check out the quicktime video for 'Magic' - possibly one of the best ever love songs...


Visit the official
Michael Nesmith website



Bama Winds - Windy (©Island ILPS 9096, issued 1969)
Filed under: Lounge, Exotica. This fascinating collection of orchestral versions of contemporary tunes of the day, circa 1969, is possibly THE rarest album on the Pink Island record label, although it has to be acknowledged it is not necessarily the most desirable.
Bama Winds are actually The Syd Dale Orchestra. It was Syd who was responsible for the orchestration on songs by the original Nirvana. Remember 'Rainbow Chaser'? Think Syd. This album consisted of well known tunes, like er, "Windy" and "Do You Know The Way To San Jose" along with lesser known songs, such as "Misty Roses" by Tim Hardin, and "Societies Child" from Janis Ian. BUT, what made Syd choose psyche-prog stable mates, The Smoke, "If The Weather's Sunny"?
Gasp in amazement at Bama Winds interpretation of Traffic's "Dealer"...

Interested in the Mellotron? Want to check whether any of the songs played feature a Mellotron? Visit:     

The Ultimate Recordings List (probably)

Everything ripens at its time... and becomes fruit at its hour...

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